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The province of Chubut is one of the largest Patagonian Lands and its touristic point closest to Buenos Aires is the city of Puerto Madryn, 1.382 Kms distant. Its maritime coastland is one of the richest sites as far as species diversity is concerned.

Bird Watching - mainly penguins - happens to be the preferred choice for many visitors. Sea lions, seals, killer whales and the Southern Right Whale are the other main characters of this natural stage.

Adventure activities are also an option: winter activities at centers like La Hoya, trekking, mountain activities, bike tours, canoeing, rafting or paragliding. For those willing to discover the cultural influences of each region, some towns like Trevelin or Gaiman keep almost intact certain features of the Welsh culture.

The tea ceremony, together with the elaboration of traditional cakes, is an experience worth to be “tasted”.

Its national parks, among which outstands the Los Alerces National Park, are suitable for adventure and ecotourism, mainly the observation and bird watching and the wide variety of their rich flora and fauna species.

Tourists are seduced by the Patagonian ancient expresstrain La Trochita, called that way because of the narrow separation between its rails. Its old wooden wagons are ideal to enjoy the circuit that covers part of the southern lands and permits to unveil the region’s unmistakable charm.

Comodoro Rivadavia is known as the “National Capital of Oil”, as it was the first place in which o...

This ski and mountain activities’ resort is found in the province of Chubut, at 15 km. from E...

Unique in its kind due to its narrow rail, it features a fascinating route between Patagonia...

Lago Puelo National Park, located in the province of Chubut, was created with the purpose of...

Located at the west of the province of Chubut, the main attractions of this park are its...

Located in the coast of the Golfo Nuevo, in the province of Chubut, Puerto Madryn is one of the...

This city was founded at the end of the 19th Century due to the initiative of the...

On the Patagonia coastline there are many natural reservations protecting diverse species of...

Info Museo Paleontológico Egidio Feruglio (Egidio Feruglio Paleonthology Museum)

Located in the Argentine Patagonia, the MEF is a science research and exhibition center. The MEF’s permanent exhibition offers visitors the possibility of embarking on a journey to the past and learn about topics such as the first inhabitants of Patagonia, and the origins of life on Earth. Its major attraction, the huge Patagonia dinosaurs, is part of the itinerant exhibitions. The MEF also manages the Bryn Gwyn Geo-Park, located in nearby Gaiman.

Info Punta Tombo

It features the largest reproductive colony of Magellanic penguins in the world. This place offers unique peculiarities that invite thousands of tourists to come visit every year, and appreciate this natural wonder in its pure state. Due to its easy access, it is possible to watch a great number of specimens from a short distance.

Info Oceanographic and Natural Science Museum

At the historical Chalet Pujol you will discover an unavoidable place to learn about Patagonian fauna and flora

Info Nueva León Foundation Monument

On March 9, 1535, a year before Pedro de Mendoza founded Buenos Aires, Simon de Alcazaba created Nuevo Leon, in the territory of present Chubut. The city disappeared due to the hostility between rebellions and degollamientos and decapitations

Info Standing Stone

Naturally originated, this huge stone stood on the banks of the Chubut River

Info Stage 18: Río Azul Campsite - Lago Puelo National Park

Distance: 18 km (11.18 mi) Duration: 6 hours Difficulty: Low Season: All year round Services: Campsite at starting point; full services at Lago Puelo Precautions: Stretches on local roads Places of Interest and Tourist Attractions: Azul River Bank Public Transport: Bus; taxi

Info Stage 19: Lago Puelo National Park - El Desemboque

Distance: 12 km (7.46 mi) Duration: 7 hours Difficulty: Moderate Season: All year round; except with rains or snowfalls Services: Campsite at starting point; grocery store Precautions: Uneven terrain Places of Interest and Tourist Attractions: Panoramic views Public Transport: Bus at starting point; taxi to destination

Info Stage 20: Portada Norte - Bahía Solís Campsite

Distance: 11 km (6.84 mi) Duration: 7 hours Difficulty: Moderate Season: January - March Services: Campsite at starting point; grocery store Precautions: In the last stretch, steep hill; pay attention to signposts, uneven terrain Places of Interest and Tourist Attractions: Panoramic views Public Transport: Bus

Info Stage 21: Bahía Solís Campsite - Arrayanes District

Distance: 14 km (8.70 mi) Duration: 8 hours Difficulty: Low Season: January - March Services: Bungalows; campsites; supplies Precautions: Stretches on paved road Places of Interest and Tourist Attractions: Panoramic views from the Lago Verde viewpoint Public Transport: Bus

Info Stage 22: Arrayanes District- Punta Mattos District

Distance: 11.5 km (7.15 mi) Duration: 7 hours Difficulty: Moderate Season: January - March Services: Campsites Precautions: Stretches on road and crossroads. Uneven terrain along lake shore (3.5 km / 2.18 mi) Places of Interest and Tourist Attractions: Panoramic views Public Transport: Bus

Info Stage 23: Krugger Lake - Villa Futalaufquen

Distance: 21 km (13.05 mi) Duration: 12 hours Difficulty: High Season: January - March Services: Campsite and inn at Krugger Lake; full services at the village Precautions: Very long stage; plan carefully. Stretches with steep descents and ascents; risk of slipping. Places of Interest and Tourist Attractions: Panoramic views; lake beach Public Transport: Bus to the village; motor boat to Krugger

Info Stage 24: Villa Futalaufquen - Portada Centro

Distance: 11 km (6.84 mi) Duration: 5 hours Difficulty: Low Season: Summer Services: Full services in Villa Futalaufquen Precautions: Stretches on road and crossroads. Precautions: Additional footwear Places of Interest and Tourist Attractions: Contact with villagers; local goods Public Transport: Bus

Info "Gral. Enrique Mosconi" Airport, Comodoro Rivadavia (CRD)

The airport is 11 km (6.8 mi) away from the city. The building houses the commercial airport and the 9th Air Brigade of the Argentine Air Force.


The "El Tehuelche" airport serves Puerto Madryn's locals and visitors. Located 10 km (6.2 mi) away from the city center, it features a 900 square meter (9,687 sq feet) passenger terminal organized in one single floor.

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Recomendados Cerro Bayo

Cerro Bayo

At only 5 miles from Villa La Angostura, a cozy little mountain village on the northwestern margin of the Nahuel Huapi Lake, in the middle of the Patagonian Andes. Known as the “Boutique Ski Center”, Cerro Bayo offers at its slopes a privileged panoramic view of the lake, the Andes and its forests. Its 840 acres, 12 elevation means and 23 slopes are suitable for countless snow activities, thought for all ages: Nordic ski, carving, extreme ski, freestyle, Alpine ski, ski touring, 4-wheelers, canopy and snowshoe walks. It is also scenario of other traditional sports like Rugby X-Treme and snow polo. The exclusive nature of this ski resort is reflected in its qualified services and personalized attention which is mostly focused on families. Children can play in the snow, take lessons with qualified instructors and enjoy the activities proposed by the “Kids Club” while their parents enjoy a hot chocolate at the mount’s coffeehouses. From Villa La Angostura, the Seven Lakes Circuit takes to protected natural scenarios, classics of the Andean Patagonia. From the little village’s pier depart boats to San Carlos de Bariloche, with intermediate stops at Arrayanes National Park, where its pathways invite to quiet walks. This National Park is also accessible by road, by bike or on foot, by a signaled road that starts in the village. Heading to the North, the so called “Circuito Grande” invites to walk through the Nahuel Huapi National Park. There is a gravel road that crosses hillsides and forests to reach Traful lake and the little villa with the same name. The circuit’s viewpoints offer amazing postcards of the landscape. Returning to La Angostura, in the confluence of Traful and Limay rivers, Valle Encantado appears as a golden snapshot at sunset. These national parks in winter offer different activities and recreational proposals, like horseback ridings at rural environments, kayaking and rafting on the Limay River, mountain bike, fly fishing, 4x4 trips and trekking by Huella Andina Pathway. To go to Villa La Angostura, visitors may take a flight to the neighbor city of San Carlos de Bariloche and, in high season, also to San Martín de los Andes.

Cerro Bayo